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New Boat? We Have a Coaching Program for You!



We provide customized skills training for new boat owners. We are here to help boaters understand their boat and develop essential skills that will improve your boating experience! You can customize the training to meet your specific needs.


If you just purchased a new boat or upgraded to a larger vessel, our instructors are available to give you personalized 2-hour on-the-water training - right on your boat. This FREE SERVICE is available to both Squadron members and non-members.


One of our instructors will contact you for a quick phone interview to learn more about your previous boating experience, type of boat and intended use, and will ask about the specific skills you'd like to work on. We will then schedule a time and place to meet. We can help with trailering, launching, slow speed maneuvering around the docks, line handling, Rules of the Road and any other skills where you'd like a bit more confidence. If you would just like some generalized training, we will work from a checklist and go through several exercises. This is a low pressure, one-on-one training session tailored to your specific skill level. Beginners, experienced boaters and new boat owners are all welcomed!


There are two pre-requisites for the Jump Start program. If you have not already done so, we’ll get you set up for a free Vessel Safety Check (VSC) the day of or before the on-the-water-training. The VSC is a free review of your boat's safety gear to confirm compliance with Coast Guard regulations. The other pre-requisite for Jump Start is to take our basic boating class called America’s Boating Course® (ABC) which is offered three times per year (or an equivalent NC boating certification program). See for more information about ABC.


We look forward to helping you feel more comfortable when boating. Please contact 1/Lt Meg Morrison, JN or 850-261-4296 if you have any questions about Jump Start - our New Boat Coaching Program.





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