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Cape Fear boasts bright sandy shores, sparkling azure waters teeming with game and shellfish,


and a warm climate with mild winters and a long season for outdoor living.


All these things make it a choice area for recreational boating, which in its myriad forms is the premier local pastime.


At the same time, local conditions make Cape Fear a challenging place to operate any watercraft.


There are good reasons the ocean waters around Cape Fear are called the Graveyard of the Atlantic.


Experienced boaters coming here from less demanding waters often find that their accustomed operating habits,


which served them well for decades elsewhere, leave their craft aground or themselves otherwise confounded on Cape Fear.


The fact is, safely operating a boat in Cape Fear waters requires the captain to be more at the top of his game than in most areas of the US.


This Squadron has compiled some local information intended for the experienced boater who is new to Cape Fear, and hopes it will be useful.




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1. Inlets and Ocean Access



 2. Marinas & Yacht Clubs



3. Cape Fear Repair Yards



4. Hurricane Preparation


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